Welcome to the Olympic Ares familiarization page

As a part of the vessel familiarization, there are 2 steps we want you to go thru.

Step 1

Please watch the 2 attached induction movies for the vessel. Note: Please be aware that the movies below, may take up to 30 seconds before loading in a new page.

1. Includes general information about the vessel and its requirements

2. Olympic POB control

Step 2

Please fill in the form below - B20 Personnel Information Form. The form will be handled according to GDPR Regulation onboard the vessel, and will give you a smoother registration onboard.

1. Personal Details

2. Passport Details

3. Visa details

4. State of health

5. Next of Kin info

6. Medical fitness certificate

7. Sea survival courses

8. Other

9. Confirmation